Nurture children who can affirm all their abilities

In "Dekita’s Math Club", we offer correspondence education for mathematics, and the educational goal is to "nurture children who positively affirm their abilities".

Children need to have confidence to affirm their abilities.


"Dependent studies taught by someone or " studies" forced by someone does not develop confidence that children feel they can do it by themselves.

We therefore practice the method "study without teaching ". 

We make “self-study” possible through the creation of math materials and the educational guidance so that children can study by themselves.

What is the value of education?

"To affirm all your abilities" means that you can live with faith in your abilities and possibilities, even if you are not subordinate to an external authority.

As a goal of education, unless there is a part that leads to a way of life that "I can live by believing my own abilities", I think that the true value of education will not be born.

Class of Dekita’s Math Club

Two mathematics classes are held in Tokyo.

"Bumbu-kun" in Asakusabashi, Tokyo

 In collaboration with the Tokyo Karate Club, we are developing a karate and mathematics classroom called "Bumbu-kun" in Asakusabashi, Tokyo

"Co-Dream" in Musasi Koganai, Tokyo

In cooperation with the class "Co-Dream" sponsored by the NPO, “Action”, we open mathematics class in order to improve academic achievement for children with poor academic ability.z

Overseas expansion

  Expand math classes in Vietnam

At 3V, we’ve been able to expand a mathematics classes in Vietnam.

As English is spoken all over the world, mathematics is also a universal language and subject that is studied all over the world in the same logic.

At 3V, we provided the materials and the educational guidance of Dekita’s Math Club translated into Vietnamese for children in Vietnam.

In an elementary school in Vietnam the Dekita’s 

mathematics material

Pictures of teaching practice for introduction of Dekita’s educational guidance.