Hydro-power generation

Benefits of hydro-power generation

The earth is said to be a planet of water, rich with life.

Japan is considered to be a country rich in water.

Within Japan, regions of Nagano prefecture are a suitable area for small-scale hydro-power generation of high head difference. Hydro-power by returning used water back to the ground is an ideal energy form that lightens the burden imposed on nature.

What is the difficulty of hydro-power project ...?

It is said that hydroelectric power is an ideal energy that lightens the load on nature, but then why does not hydroelectric power business proceed?

That is because there are regulations on field surveys, water rights and many other laws, and it will take years to clear them.

In addition, a large amount of expenses are required for initial investment in the hydroelectric power generation business.

For these reasons, progress in hydroelectric power generation projects in Japan have been delayed.

3V promptly promotes hydroelectric power generation business

3V Co., Ltd. proposes hydroelectric power generation as a driving force to regenerate the weakened regions.

3V Co., Ltd. has made many field surveys that take years to take advantage of the benefits of the local community in Nagano Prefecture.

For that reason, we have many stocks of hydroelectric power plants that have already been surveyed as inventory.

For these reasons, 3V's hydroelectric power generation business has come to a stage where it can proceed promptly if a large amount of procurement of construction costs is made.

Exclusive agency contract

3V Co., Ltd. has signed an exclusive agency contract with Shizuoka Chubu Metal Development Association (SMDJ).

Shizuoka Chubu Metal Development Cooperative Association is a domestic manufacturer with high advanced knowledge and technology of hydroelectric power generation.

In Japan, there are only a few domestic makers making mills that generate electricity less than 500 kw.

In that sense, the existence of Shizuoka Chubu Metal Development Cooperative Association is precious.

3V Co., Ltd. has an exclusive agency agreement with SMDJ and the six prefectures (Nagano Prefecture, Niigata Prefecture, Toyama prefecture, Gifu prefecture, Gunma prefecture, Yamanashi prefecture)

 Hydro-power generation

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