1.Water, minerals and microorganisms

The fact that life was born on the earth which was a mass of rock as a substance is a miracle in itself.

Although the mechanism for the birth of life has not been made clear yet, it seems for a fact that life was born from water and minerals under various conditions.

2.What is life?

Microorganisms were born on the earth, and that is the beginning of the evolution of life.

Humans are located at the forefront of evolution, but if we look back at our origin, humans are beings that evolved out of "water, minerals and microorganisms".

In other words, it can be said that the common term of all life is a three-piece set of "water, minerals, and microorganisms".


3.We aim for a recycling-oriented society

If all the common terms of life are "water, minerals, and microorganisms", this life in which 3-piece set circulates can be regarded as an ideal "recycling-oriented society".

4."Agriculture and Energy" for independence

Food and energy are essential conditions for our "independence".

Considering the independence of individuals, independence of local areas, independence of the country, "local production of food and energy" will become more important.

In order to regenerate the self-sustaining society, we would like to help and create a recycling-oriented society of local production and local consumption by developing hydroelectric power project using local water resources and agricultural materials making use of microorganisms.


5."Education" for Children's Independence

At 3V, children's educational activities are undertaken with the theme of self-independence.

The more you teach, the more dependent the children become.

As health care has improved and health problems such as phytotoxicity have emerged, the problem of weakening the ability to live by teaching has occurred.

At 3V, we have developed learning software and a system that children can learn by themselves without teachers.

This is education for "independence"


6.Regeneration of an area connected to one another

Nuclear families are progressing, and the community is weakening.

The waves of the declining birthrate and the aging population are some of the causes leading to further weakening of rural areas.

In this way a marginal settlement will be born.

What is required now to regenerate the area is a bond that connects people to one another.

Only when there is a community where one's mind is connected to one another, can we secure the sustainability of the area.

7.New way of living by "connecting force"

By utilizing "water, minerals and microorganisms", it is possible to create a recycling-oriented society where various things are connected to one another.

We believe that activities to link various biomass resources, various individuals and various organizations into one will be the driving force to create a new way of living.